What’s included in my 10-year limited warranty?


Our 10-year limited warranty covers the complete fabrication and installation of your product. If there is anything wrong with the leading or bevels in the fabrication, we conduct an inspection and cover any defects with your product. For installation, if any nails or outside factors come loose or affect the product, that’s covered in your warranty too.

Will condensation appear between my windows?

We install all of our glass panels side-by-side with your existing glass. This keeps all of the glass the same temperature and eliminates the potential for condensation.

What should I clean my custom glass with?

No special solutions are required. It can be cleaned with any regular window cleaning products.

How can I add energy-efficient windows without eliminating the unique character of my home?

With the combination of Window Makeover and Designer Glass Solutions, our team of experts can restore your old windows with our new, energy-efficient line of products and add lead lines or other decorative glass options to restore them back to their original beauty.

If I decide to move, can I take my designer glass panels with me?

Designer Glass Solutions provides its customers with a transferable guarantee, meaning should you decide to move you can take your custom glass panels with you.

How long does it take to install custom glass panels?

Most projects can be installed in a few hours or less. We will remain at your home until the project is complete, or until an appropriate stopping point has been reached. We will not leave a window or door unfinished or unable to be closed overnight.


Is there any risk of damage to my window frame or door?


No. By installing glass panels over your existing windows or doors, we guarantee no interior mess, drywall or paint damage.